Work Mat

What is a Work Mat?

Quite simply it is a portable, protective, rubber mat.

When working in kitchens, bathrooms and other clean areas, this mat is needed for surface protection. Work Mats are customer service tools for your trade business!

Placing your dirty tools, glues, materials etc on a Work Mat can save you from costly repairs to the client’s property. Show YOU care by laying out this protective rubber mat before starting work. Provide professional surface protection that customers truly appreciate!


Work Mat features:

  • Constructed of 1.5 mm thick natural insertion rubber for proven durability.

  • 3 different sizes; 400mm, 600mm & 1000mm wide. Both 1200mm long.

  • Superior surface protection compared to drop sheets, towels of cardboard.

  • 100% waterproof.

  • Heat resistant mat -20 to 120 degrees.

  • Light weight.

  • Protects your knees.

  • Easy to clean.

  • Valcro straps hold the Work Mat rolled up securely.

  • Compact design for storage.

  • Flexible rubber mat conforms to all types of surfaces.  

  • The only portable work mats with carry strap available (special order only).

  • The only floor protection mat which rolls out flat without curling back up.

  • Ideal gift for trades people, apprentices, handymen or even dad!


Instructions. The best way to unroll a Work Mat:

  • Hold the 2 end tabs of the wrap around straps with the TIDY TRADIE label facing upwards.  With a forward flick of the wrists, it will un-roll onto the floor, laying flat every time!

  • Then roll it back up keeping it tightly together, tapping the end of the mat for even alignment. A new Work Mat will be slightly sticky at first but this will stop after a couple of uses.


Safety information: A (portable surface protector) Work Mat is only to be used for protecting the work area, placing tools, materials and rubbish on. It is not to be used for electrical protection, standing on, performing yoga or for anything other than surface protection.

Do not lay a Work Mat in a traffic able area. If you decide to lay the mat on a traffic able floor, then the carry handle and straps must be tucked underneath the Work Mat to prevent it from becoming a trip hazard.


Cleaning instructions: The natural insertion rubber can be cleaned with degreasers or solvents.