Tony Gouverneur (The Tidy Tradie - Lockcarpenter) coined the phrase "Tidy Tradie" in Sydney, Australia, 21/08/2008. The phrase "Tidy Tradie" came about because in general, trades people had a bad reputation for making a mess and not cleaning up after themselves. They also liked to dump their dirty tools on a clean bench top or floor. Both bad habits would disappoint the paying customer!

Tony Gouverneur, the tidy tradie lockcarpentertidy tradie work mat logo

The definition of a "Tidy Tradie" is a tradesman or tradeswoman who uses a Tidy Tradie - Work Mat, to protect the work area from scratches, dents, burn marks & stains.

A Tidy Tradie also wears Work Boot Covers to protect the flooring from dirt and boot marks.

As well as the above, a Tidy Tradie also cleans up after themselves with a vacuum or a dust pan and broom.

When required, they use cleaning spray and rags to clean off their dirty finger marks etc.

It is also suggested that when a very small amount of rubbish or mess is created, they should take it off site at no extra charge, instead of dumping it in the clients bins.


Our Success

The new seed of the Tidy Tradie mindset started to germinate in the professional work force over 10 years ago. Today for professional tradie's, it's a standard procedure when working inside a clean home, to wear our boot covers and to place tools on our protective rubber work mat.



  1. To encourage tradie's to be clean and tidy.
  2. To help tradie's look more professional when working inside a clean home.
  3. To offer tradie's customer service tools that help prove that they care and respect peoples homes.
  4. To help make the tradie's customer's/homeowner's extremely satisfied!


Show YOU care, by using a TIDY TRADIE Work Mat and wear Work Boot Covers!