Our definition of a TIDY TRADIE

Being "tidy" on the job, is more than just walking around in socks using a dustpan, but it's a good start 🙂👍


Our business name #tidytradie represents someone who uses a TIDY TRADIE Work Mat, wears Cleanboot Covers, uses a Professional Vacuum and proves to the customer that they CARE about their property.


TIDY TRADIE'S keep their tools on our Rubber Work Mat, to protect floors and benchtops ✅

They also wear Cleanboot work boot covers because they are respectful of their customer's home. They look much more professional compared to the carefree tradie's who walk around in just socks.

The TIDY TRADIE Combo (work mat & boot covers) is an essential part of every trade persons kit.

Customers NOW expect tradie's to be tidier than ever before❗


Make the move to becoming a better tradie or trade business owner and invest in our customer service tools.


Welcome to #teamtidytradie 🏆🤝


Show us on Instagram how you are a #tidytradie 📸 by using Work Mats, Cleanboots as well as other things.


Plumber using a TIDY TRADIE Work Mat and Cleanboot covers on the job.


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