How to be a TIDY TRADIE

Being "tidy" on the job, is more than just walking around in socks using a dustpan, but it's a good start 🙂👍


Our business name #tidytradie represents someone who uses a TIDY TRADIE Work Mat, wears Cleanboot Covers, uses a Professional Vacuum and proves to the customer that they CARE about their property.


TIDY TRADIE'S keep their tools on a Rubber Work Mat to protect the floor or benchtop ✅


They wear Cleanboot covers because they are respectful and in control. They don't work in socks because the customer makes them do so 🤣


Gone are the days of asking to borrow someones dust pan❗

Splash out and buy a decent vacuum or you'll start losing jobs❗

Customers NOW expect tradie's to be tidier than ever before❗


Make the move to becoming a better tradie or trade business owner. 

Welcome to #teamtidytradie 🏆🤝


Show us on Instagram how you are a #tidytradie 📸 by using Work Mats, Cleanboots as well as other things.


Plumber using a TIDY TRADIE Work Mat and Cleanboot covers on the job.


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